Sometimes all of us can use a new idea, fresh perspective, or shot of inspiration to help take us to the next level of performance. Below are various resources we have found helpful related to creativity, leadership, facilitation, and team development. Thanks to the leaders who take the time to share their best ideas with the rest of us!

Creativity Books – A list of my favorite books about creativity and artistic expression.

Facilitation Books – Great books on the art of facilitation and adventure activities.

Outdoor Education Books – A list of books/websites that may be useful when starting a new outdoor program.

The Creativity Crisis – article in Newsweek on July 10, 2010 about how creativity in America is declining

The Most Successful Way to Brainstorm by Art Markman – a short article in Huffington Post about brainstorming techniques

Group Think: The Brainstorming Myth by Jonah Lehrer – a compelling article about why traditional brainstorming does not work.

School Kills Creativity – an excellent TED Talk video by Ken Robinson

Nurturing Creativity – another great TED Talk video by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love

ABC Nightline showcases IDEO, Part 1 – watch creativity in action as this design firm redesigns the shopping cart. Great examples of brainstorming and the creative process.

ABC Nightline showcases IDEO, Part 2

ABC Nightline showcases IDEO, Part 3

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on Flow – A brilliant scholar and leading researcher on creativity

Drive: The suprising truth about what motivates us – an interesting video by Daniel Pink, great wipeboard animation too.

Madison Area Network for Innovation and Applied Creativity (MANIAC) – offers breakfast series and workshops series on creativity and innovation. Includes some creativity tools.

Wilderdom – a huge index of problem solving, teambuilding, and trust building activities and games.

LeaderShape, Inc. – one of the best leadership development programs for college students. If you are a college student and are interested in attending a national session I have $500 scholarships available. Contact me for more information.

750words – a website designed to do the Artist’s Way Morning Pages online. Great for increasing creativity.

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